Among the Guns&Roses

Only after I came to Shipka I discovered that actually this word also means something. In Bulgarian шипка means wild rose! No wonder it is called like that, because there are many, MANY wild rose bushes growing on the mountains nearby the town.
But only after when I had been living in this town I was told what is the cause of those loud crushing and destructing alike sounds coming from far away almost every second day. As it turned out somewhere near Shipka there is gun and other weapon testing place!
So I can say that I was living not just among the wild roses, but somewhere between Guns&Roses!

Some leftovers- last odd memories of Bulgaria

One day shortly before going to bed I met my biggest fear. After seeing this thing in my room on the wall, I realized that I am not scared of spiders...

Bulgarian language from my point of view

Before I came to Bulgaria I knew only where it is located, I knew that there are mountains of course and that the main actress Nina Dobrev from TV serial "Vampire Diaries" originally comes from Bulgaria. And also I assumed that Bulgarian might be very similar to Russian. But I was all wrong about this.